How to Apply LiquidGlass:

  • For the best results in applying Crystalusion to your device, please follow the steps shown below taking the following precautions first.
  • Disconnect you device from any power source, turn the phone off and remove any cases, screen protectors, headphones and USB cables.
  • Be sure not to apply excessive fluid to headphone sockets, charging ports and other sensitive apertures since this may damage your device or possibly void the manufacturers warranty.
  • Do not apply Crystalusion when near a source of ignition, in direct sunlight or onto a hot device.
  • Crystalusion Liquid Glass used an organic ethanol propellant we suggest testing color fastness on an inconspicuous area prior to application, this is particularly important on painted or rubberized surfaces.

Application Instructions:

  1. Gently clean the device with the pre-treated microfiber cloth contained in sachet
  2. Continue to clean the device until the entire surface area is cleaned (i.e. Front, back, sides, top, and bottom) and the cloth is completely dry.
  3. Allow the device to dry for several minutes. Note: it’s essential that all dirt, grime, fingerprints, cosmetics and oil deposits are removed prior to moving to the next step.
  4. Coat the device in Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection using the pre-treated microfiber cloth contained in sachet Continue to apply to the device until the cloth is completely dry – This will take approximately 90 seconds. Ensure the entire surface area of the device is treated (i.e. Front, back, sides, top, bottom).
  5. After application allow the device to dry for at least 5 minutes before handling. After 5 minutes the device is touch dry and can be handled lightly but we recommend you allow a 12 hour drying time for the Crystalusion liquid glass layer to form.

Note: as the best performance is achieved after several hours has elapsed we recommend that you coat your device immediately before a period where your device is unlikely to be handled, just before going to bed is a great time.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Box Contents

  • Crystalusion pre-treatment cleaning cloth
  • Crystalusion Liquid Glass cloth
  • Instruction document

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