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Are You Still Using Those Old Plastic Screen Protector that Bubble and Get Dirty? 

Introducing – Crystalusion-NanoTech Liquid Glass ProtectionCrystalusion set

Layer your tech in Liquid Glass for cutting edge protection.

  • 600% Harder Surface
  • Bacteria Protection
  • Easy Clean
  • 100% Invisible

Are you using the traditional plastic screen protector. There is not one, but many strong reasons why old plastic screen guards are not the way to go.

You may be familiar with the feeling of looking at your phones fingerprint covered screen because your screen protector is so hard to clean. Or you put your phone with your keys and new scratches welcome you the next time you switch it on! And how can we forget the annoying bubbles that cover up your screen? What about the fact that your cellphone or tablet harbor way more bacteria than a toilet seat?

The Solution

These are just some of the reasons that justify why these traditional, plastic screen guards should be replaced by something technologically advanced. A screen protector that solves all your problems. A bacteria free screen protector that denies the fact of your screen having more germs than the toilet seat.

A liquid, invisible screen protector, shielding your phone or tablet in any given situation. Imagine having a clear look of your phone screen, thanks to a bubble-free screen protector. A screen protector that is also easy to clean!

Introducing- NanoTech Liquid Glass Protection with Crystalusion

Cystalusion. Living true to its name, it is a crystal like liquid glass that seems like an illusion, because it’s invisible! It utilizes revolutionary technology that coats the surface with a protective layer of advanced nanotechnology.

Each molecule is 500 times thinner than a human hair and covers the pores of the surface resulting in an invisible yet hard coating. It defends the device against bacteria, abrasion, dirt, grease and grime.

A bacteria free screen protector is both safe and natural. There is no risk of any health hazard whatsoever. Above all, the problem of pesky bubbles because it is not made of plastic, but a liquid form that is applied to the surface. Once it is applied, it will safeguard your phone for about a year, after which it can be successfully reapplied.

This invisible screen protector does not attract any dirt and will ensure you a crisp view of your phone screen every time you pick it up. Especially, cleaning it will not require more than a light swipe of cloth. Unlike traditional plastic screen guards that require constant rubbing.

What is Included

With every purchase of Crystalusion, you will receive:

  • 1 x pre-treated cleaning cloth used to prepare the device for the application.
  • 1 x pre-treated Crystalusion – Liquid Glass protection application cloth used to apply the protective layer.
  • 1 x Microfiber cloth used to buff the device following application.
  • 1 x Instruction manual fully detailing the application process and FAQ section

Don’t compromise with your device’s safety and get the best of all screen protectors out there- Crystalusion!

Your phone is dirtier than a toilet !!!

ASTM Certified

Recent Reviews

600% harder surface than traditional screen protectors

Diamond Tested

Single Point Scratch Tested
600% more resistant than any traditional screen protector
bacteria free screen protector

Anti Bacteria

Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial, this means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer – helping you keep your device germ free.
invisible screen protector

100% Invisible

Because Crystalusion layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the eye
fingerprints easy removable

Easy Clean

Grease cannot stick to the surface. They sit on top of the layer – this makes fingerprints and grease marks easy to clean
bacteria free screen protector

Bubble Free

is particularly unique because it is applied as a liquid giving your device a completely bubble free application over the entire device